Charging your electric car at home

Do you need to charge your car at home?

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Why install a Wallbox?

We offer you intelligent charging solutions that are suitable for every type of home. Whether you have private or shared parking.

  • Control: unlike conventional sockets, Wallbox prevents your electrical installation from overloading and allows you to adjust the power.
  • Charging time: with Wallbox you can charge up to 8 times faster. Also, you can use maximum power to reduce charging times.
  • Program the charging for off-peak hours: make the most of the times when energy is cheaper to save on your bills.
  • Lock: you can lock and unlock your Wallbox locally or remotely to prevent unwanted use.

Where do you park?

A private garage

A shared car park

Wallbox for your private garage or driveway:

Wallbox is the most reliable and secure option for charging your car. We offer intelligent control that can be configured based on your home's electrical consumption and provides you with the peace of mind of quick charging with a system that is very easy to use.

Wallbox in your shared car park:

Wallbox can be tailored to any shared car park to offer you secure and individual charging in a shared space. With the charger locking feature you will not have to worry about unwanted use, as only authorized people can charge their car. We also provide you with charging monitoring and management through the app and the myWallbox platform.

Discover Wallbox's charging solutions

Wallbox + myWallbox

Select the charging solution that best suits your needs and manage it from the free App or myWallbox online portal. We take care of the rest.

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