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Enric Asunción

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Enric Asunción is Chief Executive Officer of Wallbox. His experience in the electromobility sector and his vision for the future led him to create Wallbox. Enric believes that the adoption of EVs and the production and consumption of renewable energy are two trends that will merge in the coming years, leading to a shift in the way that energy is generated and stored around the world.

Enric Asunción is Chief Executive Officer of Wallbox
Eduard Castañeda is Chief Innovation Officer of Wallbox

Eduard Castañeda

Founder and Chief Innovation Officer

Eduard Castañeda is Chief Innovation Officer of Wallbox. His knowledge of engineering, combined with his experience in robotics, his vision of electromobility and the challenges faced in breaking barriers at the global level, have led Eduard to develop unique, award-winning products, such as the Quasar (received a Best of CES award in 2020), as well as products that will change public charging, such as the Supernova.

Erik Fogelberg

General Manager, North America

Erik Fogelberg has over three decades of business experience and a comprehensive track record building solution-based sales organizations. He most recently served as the Vice President of North America Sales at ChargePoint, where he was responsible for all AC and DC-fast charger sales in the region. Prior to ChargePoint, he held senior sales leadership roles at NEC Energy Solutions, Tesla, and SolarCity. In these roles, he scaled the sales teams, capturing new commercial verticals and deploying technical solar and solar+battery solutions to secure major enterprise and utility customers.

General Manager, North America of Wallbox

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