Tibber and Wallbox Join Forces to Offer Customers Smart Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging

Tibber and Wallbox Join Forces to Offer Customers Smart Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging

EV drivers in the Netherlands and Sweden with a Wallbox AC charger can now save up to 50% on charging costs by utilizing Tibber’s dynamic energy tariffs 


BARCELONA, SPAIN & STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN , July 4, 2023: Tibber, a European smart energy supplier and provider of dynamic energy tariffs, and Wallbox, a leading provider of electric vehicle (“EV”) charging and energy management solutions worldwide, today announced their interoperability partnership. The collaboration will build awareness and increase accessibility of smart charging with dynamic energy rates, which can lead to significant cost savings.


The interoperability partnership between Tibber and Wallbox means that EV drivers in the Netherlands and Sweden with a Wallbox AC home charger can now use the Tibber app to charge their EVs when energy is cheapest.  Tibber's energy contracts are based on dynamic energy rates, meaning consumers pay for the current hourly purchase price of electricity. When using the Tibber app, the charging session will automatically start during the times of the day when prices are lowest. Users are also able to gain accurate insights into their energy consumption at any moment. Recent research by Tibber in March 2023 shows that by using dynamic rates EV drivers can save up to 50% on the charging costs.


The collaboration between Wallbox and Tibber will begin in the Netherlands and Sweden on July 4, 2023.Smart charging via the Tibber app is possible with all of Wallbox’s AC chargers, including the Pulsar family, Wallbox’s global best selling charger.  


Combining smart technology

Edgeir Aksnes, CEO of Tibber: “We are very excited about the collaboration with Wallbox to combine dynamic energy contracts and electric charging. By joining forces, we’re able to offer even more consumers the opportunity to save money on their charging costs and make smart charging accessible to a wider audience.”


Enric Asuncion, CEO of Wallbox: “Integrating Wallbox into Tibber's energy management platform will help democratize energy and accelerate the transition to electric vehicles (EVs). EVs are huge energy resources, and the adoption of home energy management systems (HEMS) along with home EV charging can offer substantial savings to the user and help make their energy use more sustainable.”

Starting on July 4th:

  • EV drivers with a Wallbox AC home charger and the Tibber app will be able to use dynamic tariffs to smart charge their EV. 
  • Wallbox’s best selling Pulsar Max is now available through the Tibber Store (The Netherlands, Sweden) .



About Tibber

Tibber is a smart digital energy provider founded in 2016 by the Norwegian Edgeir Vårdal Aksnes and the Swede Daniel Lindén. Through its revolutionizing app that provides consumers with real-time analytics and control of their energy usage, Tibber delivers on its core mission: to make sustainable energy consumption simple and affordable for all households.


About Wallbox

Wallbox (NYSE: WBX) is a global technology company, dedicated to changing the way the world uses energy. Wallbox creates advanced electric vehicle charging and energy management systems that redefine users’ relationship to the grid. Wallbox goes beyond electric vehicle charging to give users the power to control their consumption, save money, and live more sustainably.


Wallbox offers a complete portfolio of charging and energy management solutions for residential, semi-public, and public use in more than 113 countries. Wallbox was founded in 2015 in Barcelona, still the location of its headquarters, and has offices throughout Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the Americas.