myWallbox App

One easy app. Total control.


Unlock the power of your Wallbox charger with the app that let's you charge, save and go green with a click.

Why myWallbox?

Save money

Schedule your charging sessions when energy is cheapest.

Control from anywhere

Monitor your charger, start a session or lock and unlock from your smart devices.

Get real-time statistics

Gain insight into your energy use and spending.

Manage your energy

Access advanced energy management features like Eco-Smart and Power Boost.

Key features of myWallbox

Start and stop a charging session.

Lock and unlock your charger.

Set charging schedules.

Set a power limit.

Use myWallbox to unlock advanced energy management.

Add a Wallbox power meter to your installation and you'll be able to activate Power Boost, Eco-Smart and more from your device.

Got Quasar 2? There's even more to unlock.

When you use myWallbox with Quasar 2, you'll enjoy access to all the features you already know plus new, advanced bidirectional capabilities. Check out what's possible with myWallbox and Quasar 2.

Exclusive features for Quasar 2

Export energy from your vehicle to the grid
Prevent outages with Peak Support

Don’t just charge. Charge smart with myWallbox.

Want to schedule a charge without ever leaving the couch? Or put your excess solar energy to good use? Don't settle for "dumb" charging. Make it happen with the myWallbox app!
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