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Effortless shared charging

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Always-ready accessibility for users. Easy management and control for network operators. One upgraded Pulsar charger designed especially for shared spaces.

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Why Pulsar Pro?


Integrated 4G and enhanced robustness for high uptime, without interruption.


Easy authentication with RFID, NFC and myWallbox App.


Encrypted communication so personal data stays personal.
Energy Management

Your charging system is now an energy management solution.

Unlock the full potential of Pulsar Pro with a Wallbox power meter and our built-in energy management features.

Dynamic Power Sharing

Dynamic Power Sharing

Monitor your building's available power and automatically distribute it between all connected vehicles. Upgrade to a multi-level sharing option anytime.
  • Up to 100 chargers
  • No peak overload
  • No expensive upgrades

Sirius Energy Intelligence

Sirius Energy Intelligence

Enjoy more flexibility and scalability with options to combine different charger types, ultimately reducing capital and operational expenses. Automatically balance the energy between chargers and building consumption.Requires a Sirius Controller
  • Combine AC and/or DC chargers
  • Avoid grid overload and costly power upgrades
  • Works on separate circuits and local networks
Installers and Operators

What's in it for you?

Faster Installation

Reduced commisioning time with pre-configured 4G data plan.

Remote Management

myWallbox Business Portal and OCPP compatibility for charger management, payments, and more.

Improved Service & Maintenance

Enhanced security to prevent manipulation, damage and cyber-attacks, plus seamless remote software updates.

Cost Optimization

Internal meter with less than 2% error improves accuracy of energy transfers.

Pulsar Pro Features
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Charging Speed: Up to 22kW
Connector & Cable: Type 2 | 5m or 7m (optional)
Connectivity: Bluetooth, WiFi and 4G
User ID: RFID, NFC and myWallbox access
Backplate Design for fast installation
Internal Meter with less than 2% error
Business EV Charging

See how Pulsar Pro is part of a complete solution in shared spaces.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is my EV compatible with Pulsar Pro?

Yes! Wallbox has tethered options for Type 1 and Type 2 vehicles. Our Pulsar family is compatible with any hybrid and electric car. Tesla vehicles are also compatible with an adapter which can be found online or at your local Tesla retailer.

Can I manage charging sessions with the myWallbox app?

Absolutely! You have the freedom to establish, remove, and edit scheduled charging sessions for your Wallbox charger via our app, regardless of your location. Whether you're near the charger and using Bluetooth or accessing it remotely via Wi-Fi or 4G, you're covered. With the myWallbox app, you gain the ability to oversee your charger's status from any place and at any time and plan your charging during periods of low energy costs. Ready to begin? Download the myWallbox app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
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How can we lower energy costs for charging at commercial buildings?

myWallbox platform provides your organization with the necessary tools to manage multiple chargers efficiently and monitor the energy consumption of their EV charging infrastructure. Furthermore, our experts will perform an on-site energy assessment to provide you with the right load balancing solution to minimize infrastructure costs and maximize charging points.
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