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Durable and flexible EV charging

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Wallbox Copper SB is designed to provide versatility, reliability and elegance for businesses looking to electrify their commercial parking.

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Why Copper SB?


Its socket allows charging for any EV. The cable locking feature allows to alternate between socket and tethered charger to suit every need.

Easy to install

Its clipping system and easy handling allow for effortless and fast deployment of multiple charging points.


Enjoy high uptime thanks to remote operation tools in the myWallbox platform and multiple connectivity options.

Compact and resistant

Its great-looking design achieves an IK10 rating certification, making it ideal for exterior environments.
Software & Hardware

Meet Copper SB Solutions

Dynamic Power Sharing

Reduce installation costs and the need for power upgrades, thanks to this dynamic load management solution.

Connectivity Options

Copper SB is always connected, thanks to Wi-Fi, Ethernet, 4G connectivity or Bluetooth.

RFID Card Reader

Compatible with your employee’s company cards and major mobility provider cards.

myWallbox & OCPP Platforms

Connect Copper SB to any charging software platform to monitor energy consumption and manage access.

Copper SB Features
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Charging Speed: Up to 22kW
Connector: Socket with shutter and cable locking
Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Bluetooth, 3G/4G (optional)
User ID: RFID, myWallbox access
Compatibility: OCPP 1.6j
Protection Ratings: IP54 / IK10

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Where can I install Copper SB?

No matter how your facility is configured, we offer an ideal solution for your business needs. Our chargers can be easily installed on various surfaces such as walls, pedestals, and ceilings, providing versatile options to suit your specific requirements.
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How can we lower energy costs for charging at commercial buildings?

myWallbox platform provides your organization with the necessary tools to manage multiple chargers efficiently and monitor the energy consumption of their EV charging infrastructure. Furthermore, our experts will perform an on-site energy assessment to provide you with the right load balancing solution to minimize infrastructure costs and maximize charging points.
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Can Wallbox support different industries?

Absolutely! Wallbox offers versatile solutions that can cater to a wide range of industry requirements. Whether you're managing commercial buildings, condominiums, real estate properties, workspaces, fleets, retail establishments or parking facilities, Wallbox has the expertise to deliver tailored solutions to suit your specific needs.
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Can I install the Copper SB at home, or is it exclusively for commercial use?

While Copper SB is designed for commercial use, its great design and Type 2 socket makes it a convenient alternative to tethered cables in both shared spaces or residential settings.