Sirius Energy Management for Businesses

The next big step in clean energy use

Introducing Sirius Energy Management for Businesses. This pioneering energy management solution seamlessly integrates the electric grid with your company’s renewable energy sources, on-site batteries and other sources. At the same time, it balances them in real-time to cover your building’s power demand while optimizing energy costs and environmental impact.

Sirius can even work in tandem with Quasar, Wallbox’s bidirectional charger, enabling buildings to utilize an EV fleet as an additional source of energy. Sirius is leading the transition to more sustainable, reliable, and less expensive energy use for businesses.

Break free from grid limitations

The integration of the solar panels, stationary batteries and even EV fleets in your facilities allows you to go over your power limit, reducing the need for additional external infrastructure or power upgrades.

Reduce your energy costs

Sirius stores renewable energy surpluses and the cheaper energy available during off-peak hours in your EV fleet or on-site stationary batteries to be used later to avoid the most expensive time frames.

Maximize your renewable
energy consumption

By storing excess generation, Sirius can increase a building's renewable energy consumption significantly. Get more out
of your energy generation equipment and reduce your carbon emissions.

Understand how you use energy

By having the right insights about where your energy comes from and how it is being consumed, you can make the right decisions to reach your business's environmental goals.

As the transition towards an electrified and carbon-neutral world continues, the way energy is consumed and generated is changing.
With Sirius, your company will be a part of this change.


Wallbox Headquarters, Barcelona

While expanding our HQ facilities in Barcelona, we realized our energy consumption would have to increase by 400% to keep up with our pace of growth and innovation. Due to limitations of the current grid infrastructure, an increase of this magnitude would require the construction of a new substation, a costly solution taking up to 9 months of public works to execute.

To avoid delaying our development goals, save time and money, and implement cleaner energy practices in the process, we launched a Sirius pilot at our own HQ.

Today, Sirius manages all the energy flows at our HQ, integrating a fleet of 23 Nissan LEAFs and bidirectional Quasar chargers, 750m² of solar panels, 560 kWh of on-site energy storage, and the grid.

Sirius has increased our renewable energy usage by 20%, and also cut our grid power dependency by 50%

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