How EV Charging Stations Will Shape the Future of the Service Industry




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27 November 2019

An electric future

This article will focus on the impact of EVs and their chargers on some common service industry businesses. Electric vehicles and their charging points are typically associated with conversations around energy and transport planning. But how might the growth of EVs and rising demand for charging points impact some of the services we use on a daily basis? Let’s take a look.

Firstly, a quick guide to EV charging points:

1. Public charging points:

An EV charging point that provides 24/7 access to all members of the public. Different operators (usually local governments) opt for varying authentication, use and payment systems - they may be free, or they charge per hour or watt. 

2. Semi-public charging points:

EV charging points that are accessible to all but may have restricted public access due to parking or opening times. Examples include charging points in underground car parks; hotels, restaurants, and catering (horeca) businesses; and service stations. There may be restrictions on the use of these charging points - for example, your local café might allow you to use their charging point for free if you buy a cappuccino, but charge a fee if you are not a buying customer.

3. Private charging points:

Private charging points are installed on private sites - such as homes and workplaces - and connected to a private electricity supply. These charging points are usually only accessible to EVs belonging to the owner of the charging point. 

  • Entertainment venues, such as stadiums or concert venues
  • Shopping venues, such as shopping malls, individual retailers and supermarkets
  • Horeca venues, including bars, cafés and restaurants
  • Tourism and travel venues that offer additional services, such as airports and hotels

How will EV charging points impact the service industries? 

1. Infrastructural and operational change

ev charing points in front of a mall

2. New services

Screenshot of booking com - ev charging station filter

EV Charging Station Filter on

3. Bidirectional chargers: energy and cost-efficiencies

4. New streams of business revenue


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EV-based competition has already begun

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