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Tesla Model X P100D

Tesla Model X P100D

Connection Type: Type 2
Battery Capacity: 95 kWh
Maximum Charging Power: 17 kW AC
Wallbox Recommendation
Product Range
Charge Time*
Pulsar / Copper / Commander 2
7,4 kW
12 h 50 min
11 kW
8 h 38 min
* The maximum charging power will depend on the electrical installation's limitation, vehicle and charger model.
These recommendations are indicative and you should verify the actual charging capacity of your vehicle and private electrical installation.

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  1. Pulsar Plus Type 2 7m 22kW
    Type 2 22kW
    Pulsar Plus Type 2 | 22kW | 7m

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    To £1,078.00

  2. Pulsar Plus Type 2 5m 22kW
    Type 2 22kW
  3. Pulsar Plus Type 2 5m 7.4kW
    Type 2 7.4kW

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