Installation Service 10m

Due to new UK regulations, we will not be able to accept installations for Pulsar Plus. Please note these orders will be cancelled automatically.

The quality of the installation of your Wallbox is very important to guarantee a correct charging of your electric vehicle and safety of everyone. Once you acquire the installation pack, Wallbox will contact you to close the details of the installation and will send a certified technician to carry it out. All of our certified technicians are qualified professionals who perfectly know our products and have been trained directly by our team of engineers.

The installation package includes the installation of your Wallbox and the appropriate material to carry it out. In addition, the installer will perform the start-up of the charger and link it to myWallbox app so that you can easily access and control it.

All of our work includes its legalization to the corresponding Official entity in each region. This certification is the only way to guarantee the quality of the installation, its safety and the compliance with the current regulations related to the installation of electric vehicle charging points.
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