Meet Quasar 2

The newest bi-directional charger from Wallbox

Quasar 2 is the next-generation bi-directional DC charger that enables your car to power your home, even during a power outage. Pull energy from your car and send it back to the grid or use it to power your home. When the power goes out, rest assured you and your family will stay safe as Quasar 2 will keep your home powered for over 3 days.*

*Based on typical energy usage.

More Powerful

11.5kW for faster EV charging and discharging.

More Compact

An updated lightweight design for easy installation that fits your life.

More Versatile

Use your EV to power your home, daily or during a power outage.

Introducing Blackout Mode

Use your EV battery to power your home in the event of a power outage, even those caused by natural disasters. Quasar 2 will seamlessly transition your home to vehicle energy when the power goes out.

Experience the power of the Quasar charging family

Quasar 2 represents a breakthrough in the evolution of home energy management. Not only does it allow us to rethink the way we produce, store and use energy on a day to day basis, but gives users the added power and comfort of being able to power their homes for over three days during a power outage.

Enric Asunción, co-founder and CEO of Wallbox

Technical Details

Rated power:
11.5 KW (48 A)
Connector Type:
Target Efficiency:

Operating Temperature:
-30ºC to 50ºC
Storage temperature:
-30ºc to 70ºC
Protection rating:

703.5 mm
338 mm
127 mm

Wi-Fi / Ethernet / Bluetooth / 3G/4G
User interface:
Wallbox App
Wallbox App / RFID
Communication Protocol:
myWallbox / OCPP

Want to learn more about Quasar 2? Get in touch!

Want to learn more about Quasar 2? Get in touch!

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