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Speed, power and efficiency

Introducing Supernova, our revolutionary fast public charger.
Bringing together a combination of Quasar’s trailblazing technology, user-centric design and an innovative modular system, Supernova is the next generation of public chargers. Offering the best charging experience in the segment for up to half the total cost of ownership, Supernova was created to satisfy both EV drives and chargepoint operators.

Innovative Technology

Applying the same patented technology developed for Quasar, Supernova is more reliable and efficient, yet significantly lighter than other comparable public chargers.


Advanced Design

Inside, Supernova is made up of nine independent systems that work together harmoniously. This modular design offers unprecedented flexibility - effortless installation, simpler access for maintenance and easier transportation. Its stunning but functional outer design provides a best in class charging experience to users.


Supernova offers up to 65kW of power, enough to recharge 100km of autonomy in under 15 minutes.


A fast public charger designed to shift the paradigm in public charging, both for users and for chargepoint operators.

Its user-friendly design provides the best charging experience, while charging at up to 65kW.

Its modular system delivers both a more reliable charger and one that is easier to install and maintain, providing significant cost savings for operators.

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