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Wallbox + Dealerships

As the automotive industry continues shifting towards electric vehicles, providing
customers with a convenient and reliable charging solution is essential. Our Level 2
EV chargers are universal for all cars, making them a versatile option for your dealership. Wallbox chargers are outdoor rated, ensuring they can withstand even the harshest weather conditions., and are sleek and modern, complementing the aesthetic of any dealership. Investing in Wallbox chargers can offer your customers a high-quality charging experience while making a statement about your commitment to sustainable transportation. Take advantage of this opportunity to lead the way in the EV charging market.

multi-family home ev chargers

Dealership Charging Made Easy


Adding Pulsar Plus to your dealership is simple. Connect up to 25 on a single circuit and charge multiple EVs at the same time.

Outdoor Rated

Our Pulsar Plus is UL listed, NEMA Type 4 rated watertight, backed by a 3-year warranty with options to extend.

Universal Charging

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The Pulsar Plus can charge any EV on the market today and is future-ready to handle tomorrows EVs.

Installation Services

With our partnership with COIL, we offer the industry expertise to lead installation services. Installation has never been easier.

easy ev charging in multi-unit developments

Level 2 Charging for Dealerships

Our Level 2 charging stations can also benefit your dealership's operations. By charging electric vehicles on your lot, you can ensure that vehicles are ready for test drives and deliveries without having to rely on external charging stations. Thanks to our scheduling features, you can optimize your scheduling and routing to ensure that each vehicle is fully charged and ready for use at the appropriate time. This can help you avoid delays and improve your overall efficiency. Our Pulsar Plus can help streamline your dealership’s operations.

Power Sharing for Dealerships

Charge Multiple EVs

Install multiple chargers at your dealership while on the same circuit to distribute the available energy dynamically. Power Sharing allows you to charge all connected cars at once.


Courtesy Charging for Vehicles

Offer charging service to all potential customers and guests

  • Offer convenience to your customers with Level 2 charging while they browse your inventory, test drive cars, or complete paperwork.

  • The Pulsar Plus offers a user friendly experience thanks to the myWallbox app.

  • Ensure customers who may have driven a long distance to your dealership can charge up before continuing their journey.

  • Position your dealership as a leader in the electric vehicle market.


Level 3 DC Charging for Dealerships

Supernova is Wallbox’s next-generation DC fast-charger.

While Level 2 charging stations are ideal for charging over longer periods, Level 3 charging stations can provide a much faster charging option, making it possible for customers to charge up their electric vehicles quickly while on the go. With up to 150kW, it adds up to 100 km of range, enough to cover the average urban daily needs in under 7 minutes, to be ready while drivers run a quick errand.

Our products are designed under four pillars to make them more profitable, easy to operate and scalable.

multi-family home ev chargers
multi-family home ev chargers

Offer EV Chargers for EV Purchases

Offer customers an EV charger so they can go home ready to install their new electric vehicle’s charger.

  • Works with any EV on the market
  • 240V Level 2 Charging (40A and 48A)
  • May be eligible for federal, state, and local tax credits
  • Wirelessly control and monitor charging via WiFi or Bluetooth
  • Backed by 3-year warranty

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