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Get in charge with Pulsar Plus + Wallbox Energy Management Solutions


Pulsar Plus is built ready to work with new and existing home solar installations. Learn more about Wallbox EV charging technology at Booth 7321!



Energy Management Solutions: EV charging is just the beginning


Unlock enhanced savings and cleaner energy use at home with the Wallbox Energy Management Solutions built-into every Wallbox charger.


- Solar EV charging with Eco-Smart. Greener charging at your fingertips

- Dynamic Load Balancing with Power Boost. Your EV and home in harmony.



Charge clean with solar EV charging 


Pulsar Plus can use the green energy generated from solar PV to charge EVs in the most efficient and sustainable way. With two modes to choose from, you decide when to go fully solar or mix green and grid energy.

- Two modes for greater control. Charge with 100% solar or a mix of solar and grid energy.

- Harness the full power of PV. Take full advantage of surplus green energy by directing it to charging EVs.

- More green, more savings. Save even more on electricity bills by using the green energy that’s already available.



Keep homes happy with dynamic load balancing 


Power Boost monitors home energy use (via the Wallbox Power Meter accessory) and dynamically adjusts power delivery to connected EVs to keep homes and EV charging in harmony.

- Limited power capacity? No problem. Whether you turn on one appliance or ten, charging EVs won’t get in the way.

- Maximize savings Efficient energy use is cost-effective energy use. Pulsar Plus and Power Boost optimizes where energy goes in real-time.

- No home power outages or surprises Never exceed home power capacity with safe charging that won’t spike electricity bills or overwhelm an electrical system.


Meet Quasar 2: Next-generation Bidirectional Charging


Quasar 2 is the next-generation bi-directional DC charger that enables your car to power your home, even during a power outage. Pull energy from your car and send it back to the grid or use it to power your home. When the power goes out, rest assured you and your family will stay safe as Quasar 2 will keep your home powered for over 3 days*.

- More Powerful 11.5kW DC for faster charging and discharging

- More Compact An updated lightweight design for easy installation

- More Versatile Use your EV to power your home–from daily use or power outages

*Based on typical energy usage.


Maximize savings
Unlock savings with V2H and V2G! Empower users to
save money by powering their homes from their EVs when grid energy is more expensive and charging their EVs when energy demand (and rates) are lower.

Minimize CO2 footprint
Leverage EVs to store excess solar energy and use it to power homes and other buildings. Increase the return on investment of solar installations by leveraging EVs as an energy storage and supply solution.

More energy, less effort
Say goodbye to the stress of managing energy consumption and hello to hassle-free energy management with our user-friendly software. Effortlessly stay on top of your energy use and cost.

Emergency Backup Power
Use your EV battery to power your home in the event of a power outage, even those caused by natural disasters. Quasar 2 will seamlessly transition your home to vehicle energy when the power goes out*.

*Requires Power Recovery Unit accessory, sold separately.