Drivers using Uber can save up to $200 on Level 2 home charging and installation with Wallbox

Drivers using Uber can save $100 on a home charger, plus $100 on installation

nissan ariya wallbox ev charger

Save $100 on a Pulsar Plus with the discount code, ‘UBEREV’

Uber and Wallbox have teamed up to make it easy to charge your EV from the convenience of your home. Make sure your vehicle is always ready to hit the road by charging at home and ensuring your vehicle is ready to go overnight.

Whether you need a Level 2 home charger or a bundled charger and home installation, we have you covered.

Additionally, see if you are eligible to take an advantage of local and federal incentives. Click here to take a look at the available incentives and rebates.

*Use discount code "UBEREV" during checkout for $100 off your 40A Pulsar Plus.

Pulsar Plus


Start charging smarter with compact design
and powerful performance

  • 240V Level 2 EV home charger (40A and 48A available)
  • Charges up to 8x faster than standard Level 1 (120V) charging cables
  • Safe to use indoors and outdoors (NEMA Type 4 rated, watertight and dust resistant)
  • Easy installation with COIL - a certified Wallbox partner
  • Wirelessly control and monitor charging via WiFi or Bluetooth using the myWallbox app
  • Compatible with all EVs
  • Backed by Wallbox's 3-year warranty
  • Pulsar Plus charger may be eligible for potential federal, state, and local tax credits where available