Wallbox EV J1772 Connector and Cable Management Holster

  • FITS YOUR EV - works with all J1772 EV connectors
  • FITS YOUR LOCATION - durable ABS plastic construction is suitable for installation indoors or outdoors
  • FITS YOUR CABLE - designed to mount your entire cable (up to 25’ in length) and connector when not in use
  • FITS YOUR STYLE - with a compact, low profile design and a sleek matte black finish, the Wallbox EV holster fits in virtually every garage environment
  • DURABLE and EASY TO INSTALL on virtually any solid surface (mounting hardware included)

    Designed to match the Wallbox family of EV charging equipment, the Wallbox cable holster works with any standard J1772 connector, regardless of brand. The sleek design takes up a minimum amount of space, while providing ample room to accommodate the longest available EV charging cables (up to 25 feet) and secure your EV charging connector when it’s not in use. The lightweight modular design allows you to easily mount the holster wherever it is most convenient to charging your vehicle. Holster your connector and manage your cable where you want it -- even if it is away from your charger. Protect your investment in your home charging equipment and keep your cable and connector stored and safe with the Wallbox cable holster!
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Dimensions L 8.10 in W 6.10 in H 5.90




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