Product Discontinuation Notice

PDN: 001
FECHA: 23/07/2019

Customer: All

1. Product type:

Product name: Commander
Product code:
WBCM-0-1-2-0-001-A, WBCM-0-1-2-0-001-B, WBCM-0-1-2-0-002-A, WBCM-0-1-2-0-002-B, WBCM-0-1-2-0-003-A, WBCM-0-1-2-0-003-B, WBCM-0-1-2-0-FE1-A, WBCM-0-1-2-0-IB1-A, WBCM-0-1-2-0-IB1-B, WBCM-0-2-2-0-002-B, WBCM-0-2-4-0-001-A, WBCM-0-2-4-0-001-B, WBCM-0-2-4-0-002-A, WBCM-0-2-4-0-002-B, WBCM-0-2-4-0-003-A, WBCM-0-2-4-0-003-B, WBCM-0-2-4-0-AL5-A, WBCM-0-2-4-0-BM2-B, WBCM-0-2-4-0-FE1-A, WBCM-0-2-4-0-FE1-B, WBCM-0-2-4-0-IB1-A, WBCM-0-2-4-0-IB1-B, WBCM-0-2-4-0-RE1-A, WBCM-0-2-4-0-RE1-B, WBCM-0-2-4-0-RE2-A, WBCM-0-2-4-0-RE2-B, WBCM-0-2-4-P-001-B, WBCM-0-2-4-P-002-B, WBCM-0-G-2-0-001-A, WBCM-B-0-4-1-001-A, WBCM-B-0-4-1-001-B, WBCM-L-2-4-0-001-A, WBCM-L-2-4-0-002-A, WBCM-L-2-4-0-002-B, WBCM-L-2-4-0-003-A, WBCM-M-1-2-0-IB1-B, WBCM-M-2-4-0-001-A, WBCM-M-2-4-0-001-B, WBCM-M-2-4-0-002-A, WBCM-M-2-4-0-002-B, WBCM-M-2-4-0-IB1-B, WBCM-N-0-4-0-001-A, WBCM-N-0-4-0-001-B, WBCM-N-1-4-0-002-A, WBCM-N-2-4-0-001-A, WBCOMM01-01A, WBCOMM01-02A, WBCOMM01-03A, WBCOMM02-01A, WBCOMM02-01A-10M, WBCOMM02-02A, WBCOMM02-03A, WBCOMMA2-01A, WBCOMML2-01A, WBCOMML2-03A

2. Recommended replacement:

Product name: Commander 2
Códigos de producto: CMX2-0-1-2-5-001-A, CMX2-0-1-2-5-007-A, CMX2-0-2-4-5-001-A, CMX2-0-2-4-5-007-A and all possible variants (co-branding, different cable length, accessories, etc.)

3. Reason:

Change to an upgraded model with more features and functionalities.
Added features to the new model:

  • Integrated DC leakage detection
  • High resistance glass touchscreen
  • Authorization via RFID
  • Connectivity 3G/4G as an option
  • Compatible with 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wifi bands
  • Compatible with all types of earthing systems without need of manual configuration
  • Hardware reset and software factory restore possible by installer directly with buttons in the interior of the charger (directly on the electronic board) when not possible through the screen or the App.

Date end of production : 1 de agosto 2019

Download the product discontinuation notice.