1. Subject of the Agreement

WALL BOX CHARGERS, S.L. (hereinafter, “WALLBOX”), a company with Tax Id. Number B66542903, registered office at Calle Josep Ros i Ros, numero 21A, Sant Andreu de la Barca, Postcode 08740, Barcelona, Spain, and email address [email protected], duly registered in the Companies Register of Barcelona, Volume 44872, Folio 59, General Section, Sheet n. B469977, Inscription 1

WALLBOX is the owner of a service oriented to the operation of intelligent charging devices for electrical vehicles, which includes selling the following devices: “WALLBOX PULSAR”, “WALLBOX COPPER” and “WALLBOX COMMANDER”, as well as any other charging devices (hereinafter, the “Devices”) and other products that it could sell in the future (hereinafter, and together with the Devices, the “Products”).

These terms and conditions of sale (“General Conditions of Sale”) bind any person (hereinafter, the “User”) purchasing the Products available for sale at the electronic commerce platform (hereinafter, the “Store”) included in the website for the domain name (hereinafter, the “Website”). By purchasing the Products the User agrees to these General Conditions of Sale.

2. Buying at WALLBOX

2.1. Purchasing the Products requires the prior registration of the User with his/her email address. By registering and executing the purchase of the Products the User agrees to these General Conditions of Sale, as well as to the features of the Products.

2.2. Sales are aimed solely to Users aged 16 or more having full capacity to enter into a contract. Taking part in the purchase of the Products is absolutely forbidden for users who do not comply with this requirement.

2.3. The price of the Products published in the Store is the final retail price, and will be valid as long as it remains published. Prices are in Euros (€) or, the case being, the relevant domestic currency applicable in the place of purchase, and include the relevant sales taxes in force, unless other taxation must be applied by law.

2.4. Any order placed will be considered as in acceptance of the price and of the features of the Product available for sale. WALLBOX undertakes to ship and make available to the User the Product ordered, according to the stock availability. In the event a Product is ordered and it is not available, WALLBOX undertakes to notify the User as soon as possible that the Product is not available and to cancel the order, and to refund immediately the relevant payment.

3. Payment

3.1. WALLBOX only accepts the following payment methods: credit or debit card, PayPal or bank transfer, for the purposes of which the payment details of the User will be requested. The use of third parties’ payment instruments or details is not allowed.

3.2. WALLBOX implements the technical and functional security measures required to ensure the confidentiality and security of the data required for the payment sent through the Website, and uses a secure payment system (SSL, “Secure Socket Layer”).

3.3. Once the payment has been made and confirmed, the Store will display the confirmation of the completion of the purchase process. The User will also receive a confirmation email when the order is shipped, stating the estimated delivery date.

4. Shipment

4.1. For the territories where shipment is offered by WALLBOX, the delivery fee is included in the price of the Products published in the Store. WALLBOX ships Products to the following territories: Spain, Germany, Andorra, Austria, Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, United Kingdom.

4.2. If the User does not live in any of the territories, he/she must contact WALLBOX in order to assess the Products shipping possibilities to his/her place of residence.

4.3. WALLBOX may deliver the order within seven (7) working days of the placement of the order, except in the case of force majeure. Deliveries will only be made in working days, from Monday to Friday, and WALLBOX will be responsible only for the delivery options offered in the Store.

4.4. The User is always responsible for checking the good conditions of the Products at delivery and will then sign a delivery confirmation. Whether the User notices any sign of opening or tampering in the shipment, he/she must refuse the delivery and contact WALLBOX immediately.

5. Limited Warranty

5.1. Wallbox warrants this product against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of two years from the date of purchase. During this period, Wallbox will either repair or replace, at its discretion, any defective product at no charge to the owner.

5.2. Replacement products or repaired parts will be guaranteed for only the unexpired portion of the original warranty or six months, whichever is greater. This limited warranty does not apply to any defect resulting from accident, misuse, improper maintenance, or normal wear and tear. The substitution or incorporation of any part by the client will be understood as incorrect use.

5.3. Except to the extent allowed by applicable law, the terms of this limited warranty do not exclude, restrict or modify, and are in addition to, the mandatory statutory rights applicable to the sale of the product to you. If you believe your product is defective, contact Wallbox for instructions on where to send or bring it for repair.

6. Right of Withdrawal: Return, Replacement and Refund

6.1. The User is entitled during a fourteen (14) calendar days term, starting from the effective receipt, to exercise his/her right to withdrawal and return the Products, without providing reason for such withdrawal, as well as to exchange the Products for another Product sold by WALLBOX.

6.2. Products exchange and return must be requested by the User, by contacting in writing WALLBOX customer service to the email address [email protected].

6.3. Products exchange and return must be made using the goods shipping services contracted by WALLBOX, used for the initial delivery to the User. WALLBOX will not be liable for any losses, thefts, damages and/or impairment that can occur to the Products if the User contracts his/her own shipping service. Likewise, WALLBOX reserves in such case the possibility to deny the refund of the price of the Product or the replacement of Product.

6.4. The Products must be returned by the User in perfect conditions, completely new and unused, and in the original packaging. WALLBOX reserves the right to refuse the return or the replacement of the Product whether the resending conditions are not complied with.

6.5. In the event WALLBOX considers the Product complies with the conditions for its return, WALLBOX shall refund the User the amount of the purchase within fourteen (14) calendar days starting from the date of the receipt of the return request sent by the User. The refund will be made by the same payment method the User used to purchase the Product.

6.6. In the event of a replacement, WALLBOX shall order the replacement and shipping of the new Product within fourteen (14) calendar days starting on the date of the receipt of the Product sent by the User for its replacement. The replacement Product will be shipped using the same shipping service used in the initial purchase. If the price of the new Product is higher than the price of the original Product, the User must pay the difference using the payment method stated by WALLBOX customer service. If the price of the new Product is lower, WALLBOX shall refund the difference by the same payment method the User used to purchase the Product within fourteen (14) calendar days starting from the date of the receipt of the Product to be replaced.

6.7. In the event the refund or replacement of the Product is requested due to fault, the refund or replacement shall be free of charge. In the event of replacement, WALLBOX will deliver a replacement Product with the same warranty. The replacement does not extend the 2 years warranty, which in any case will start on the effective purchase of the original Product.

6.8. Events in which WALLBOX will not accept the return or replacement of the Product include, but are not limited to, the following:

- Damage or faults due to misuse of the Product.

- Damage or faults due to the exposure of the Product to unsuitable environment conditions.

- Damage or faults due to a faulty installation by uncertified installers.

- Damage caused by vandalism, adverse weather conditions or by the User’s electricity network.

7. Liability

7.1. WALLBOX will not be liable for any minimum differences or inaccuracies the User may notice related to the Products, with regard to the display of the Products in the Store, particularly due to Website display problems, photographic reproductions quality, incidents with the browser used by the User, and others of a similar nature. WALLBOX ensures the use of all the measures required to give a true image of the Products it sells.

7.2. WALLBOX shall act with the utmost possible diligence to deliver the Products to the shipping company. WALLBOX is not liable for any incidents or damages arising from the transport, including, but not limited to, strikes, transport retentions or accidents that could cause delay, loss or theft of the Product selected by the User.

7.3. WALLBOX makes every effort to ensure the completion of the Store selection, payment and shipping procedures. That notwithstanding, WALLBOX will not be liable in the event of acts of God, force majeure, Website maintenance or other similar reasons beyond control that prevent the normal operation of the Store.

7.4. WALLBOX will not be liable for the use made by the Users, nor for the damage or wear or tear of the Products due to their use by the Users. WALLBOX will not be liable either for the refund of Products not sold in the Store.

8. Reserved Rights

8.1. WALLBOX reserves the right to refuse, without reason, orders requested by the Users. Likewise, WALLBOX reserves the right to reject any order made by a User with whom prior disputes related to the payment of the Products exist.

8.2. WALLBOX can, at any time, change the price of the Products, by publishing the new prices in the Store. In any case, the purchase price will be the price published at the time of the selection and confirmation of the transaction by the User.

8.3. WALLBOX reserves the right to verify the personal data provided by the User, as well as to take any measures deemed as necessary in order to check that the User is the real holder of the documents, cards and other payment methods used. Verification may consist in requesting a proof of identity or address, and/or bank document of the User. If the User does not comply with this request within two (2) days, the purchase order will be automatically cancelled and the User shall have no further claim.

8.4. WALLBOX is entitled to deregister any User that could be misusing or making abusive use of the Store, committing fraud or damaging other users. WALLBOX declares that it has enabled the technical systems and supports to detect any possible fraudulent, abnormal or wrongful behaviour that intends to disrupt normal operation of the Store.

8.5. WALLBOX reserves the right to amend these General Conditions of Sale, at any time and without notice, and it is the responsibility of the User to read them every time it contracts and/or uses the services provided in the Store. In any case, before accepting the purchase procedure, the User must accept the General Conditions of Sale in force for the time being, the access to which is always available prior to the purchase.

9. Contents

9.1. The information, contents and data of any kind whatsoever in the pages of the Store, the Website and WALLBOX promotion campaigns are revised before their publication. WALLBOX declares that it is not possible to guarantee that the contents are free of errors, composition defects and similar issues, and therefore WALLBOX recommends the Users to pay the utmost attention to any updates or amends made to the Store and/or the Website, as well as to check any essential data, and under no circumstance adopt their decisions based solely or particularly in promotion campaigns published in third party websites.

9.2. All the information published by WALLBOX in any advertising media, of its own or third parties’, and particularly in banners, emails or any other electronic means with typos shall have no value and in any case we recommend the Users to confirm the marketing details through WALLBOX personal channels.

10. Links in the Page

10.1. WALLBOX is not liable in any way whatsoever for the contents, marketing activities, including products and services, that could be displayed by banner and electronic links, directly or indirectly, through the Store and/or the Website.

10.2. The inclusion of banners and external links in the Website is for information purposes and is not, in any case whatsoever, a suggestion, recommendation or invitation to the Users. These banners and external links do not imply a relationship of any kind whatsoever between WALLBOX and the owners of the pages accessed by these banners or external links. WALLBOX is entitled to unilaterally remove at any time such banners and links published in the Website.

11. Applicable Laws and Jurisdiction

11.1. These General Conditions of Sale shall be governed by the laws of Spain without prejudice to the consumers and users protection laws that, the case being, could be applicable.

11.2. In the event of any dispute arising from these General Conditions of Sale, the parties expressly waive their right to any other venue or jurisdiction to which they could be entitled and agree to submit to the Courts of Barcelona.