Public EV Charging Solutions

Wallbox offers a complete portfolio of DC charging solutions that perfectly fit any possible location. Anywhere from hospitality or retail parking lots to city streets or highway charging stations, we have the ideal charging solution for your needs.

Ranging from 60 to 350 kW, our solutions embody the next generation of public chargers, created to satisfy the needs of both EV drivers and charge point operators.


Ideal for public charging in urban or interurban locations as well as semi-public parking lots (including supermarkets, shopping malls or fast-food restaurants). With its 60 kW, it adds up to 100 kms of range, enough to cover the average urban daily needs, in under 15 minutes, while drivers enjoy a refreshment, run a quick errand or shop for groceries.

Supernova is the next generation fast-charger that offers reliable and efficient operation at up to half the investment than similar chargers. Its light and modular design offers unprecedented flexibility, easier transportation, effortless installation and simpler access for maintenance. Furthermore, Wallbox offers a full range of solutions throughout the whole lifecycle, which can be tailored to each customer’s needs.

Product and services are designed under four pillars to make Supernova profitable, easy to operate and scalable:



Maximizing uptime to increase revenue and customer satisfaction while reducing maintenance costs. From our product design focused on reliability and serviceability to the use of real-time data to optimize maintenance and management.


To deliver more power with optimal resource utilization. Supernova requires up to half the total investment compared to similar chargers, is a leader in terms of energy efficiency and ensures easy installation and operation.

User centricity

Thanks to our end-user understanding, gained through years of delivering home charging solutions, we provide the best possible fast charging experience. A seamless experience attracts more drivers, increases turnover and reduces customer callbacks.


Supernova integrates into any existing charging network and provides a future-proof solution, offering simple alternatives to increase its power as well as compatibility with today's and tomorrow's electric vehicles.



The ultra-fast charger that completes our portfolio of public charging solutions. With up to 350 kW, it is ideal for charging locations aimed at long distance travelling, such as by a highway or national route, being able to fully charge an EV in less than 15 min(*).

Production and deliveries of Hypernova will initiate in early 2023.

(*) Depending on the car’s technical specifications and charging conditions.

Centralized Power

A centralized power unit feeds several dispenser units to provide higher efficiency and flexibility, optimizing the use of available power and adapting the output based on the number of EVs connected and their requirement.

Superior Design

Liquid cooling and CCS connectors with integrated cable management that stores the cables inside the dispenser unit, maximizing durability and helping to keep the installation clean.

User Centric

Our Interactive light system guides drivers through the entire process and the vertical 10'' color touchscreen offers an intuitive design with minimum interactions required to initiate charging. Hypernova offers several authentication and payment options, including RFID, screen QR Code and credit card reader with worldwide acceptance.

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