Wallbox ABL eM4

Future-proof charging for businesses

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Future proof your commercial charging solution with MID metering, single or double outlets, and advanced load management.

Best for

Retail and Hospitality
Public and Semi-public parkings
Why Wallbox ABL eM4?


Prepare for the opportunities of today and tomorrow with ISO 15118 certified hardware, built-in MID metering.

User centric

Use Plug&Charge to recognize participating vehicles automatically, or allow access with RFID technology.

Installer friendly

Enjoy a dedicated commissioning app, three power entry points, and a modular design for easy maintenance.

Made to scale

Connect and control multi-charger groups with wired and wireless load management and connectivity.
Wallbox eM4 Key Features
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Charging Speed: Up to 22 kW
Connector: Single and double socket variants
Connectivity: Ethernet, Wi-Fi and 4G
Protection ratings: IK10 and IP55
Built-in MID meter
Hardware ready for Plug&Charge (ISO 15118), State of Charge and more
Multi-Charger Solution

Building your custom charging network

Create charger groups

Install multiple eM4 chargers, with single or dual sockets.

Go wired or wireless

Connect to the same local network via Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

Use static load management

Share allocated power among up to 100 charging points.

Utilize dynamic load management

Balance power among up to 30 charging points in real time. Best when power expansions are not feasible.Requires an ABL Meter.Requires an ABL Meter.

Set Up

Smart design for faster installation and set up.


Mechanical installations in less than 10 minutes

A big footprint for easy internal access. Multiple power cable entry points to suit any configuration.


Fast set up with the ABL configuration app

Assisted configuration wizard to set up connectivity, load management, power settings, and OCPP backend.

User experience

Easy for drivers, too!

Plug&Charge Ready

Immediate EV recognition from the moment you plug in with Plug&Charge.

LED Status Interface

Split LED ring to indicate the status of each charging port independently.

Sound Feedback

Distinct sounds for successful and failed RFID access.
Customize your Installation

eM4 is compatible with multiple mounting accessories to suit any project

POLE Slim single or dual mounting pole

POLEM4 single or dual mounting pole

ABL Weather protection roof

ABL Charging cable holder

ABL power meter

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can Wallbox support different industries?

Absolutely! Wallbox offers versatile solutions that can cater to a wide range of industry requirements. Whether you're managing commercial buildings, condominiums, real estate properties, workspaces, fleets, retail establishments or parking facilities, Wallbox has the expertise to deliver tailored solutions to suit your specific needs.
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How is eM4 different from Pulsar Pro or Wallbox’s other business chargers?

Different from the rest of our AC chargers, eM4 targets the semi-public sector, aiming to profit from selling energy through EV charging. For that, it integrates an MID meter for customers invested in charging services, as well as many features to offer a smooth charging experience for EV drivers.

What sets eM4 apart from other semi-public offerings available in the market?

Few other chargers are compliant with the latest charging standards demanded by the semi-public sector, such as ISO 11558 & OCPP 2.0.1 compliance. Wallbox also goes a step further to make sure EV charging is profitable by helping with project definition, deployment, and operation.

What is eM4 designed to do?

eM4 is designed to enable companies to sell energy through electric vehicle charging with its integrated MID metering. Installers deploy more chargers in less time thanks to its installation features and drivers enjoy a seamless charging experience through easy authentication with Plug&Charge compatibility and sound and LED feedback.