Home Energy Management

Go beyond charging with features that save you money, maximize sustainability and protect your home. Your garage might just become the smartest room in your house.

Dynamic Load Management

Always charge at the highest speed possible, while staying within your home's power limit. When overall energy consumption is high, charging speed drops. When it's low, you'll charge at maximum speed. Simultaneously run your appliances and charge your EV, without worry.

No surprise energy bills
Avoid fuse tripping

Solar charging

Charge with the solar energy that's already yours! Choose between two modes to best fit your lifestyle, and switch between them any time. Don't have solar panels yet? No problem! Solar charging can be activated whenever you're ready.Solar charging is not compatible with multiple-charger installations and OCPP.

Full-Green Mode

Charge 100% green and 100% for free when you use exclusively solar energy to power up. When there is enough surplus solar energy available for your EV the charge will start automatically.

Eco Mode

Minimize the use of grid power by using a mix of solar and grid energy to charge. The mix is adjusted in real-time depending on the amount of solar energy available, without ever stopping the charge. This allows for a faster, charge even when solar surpluses are low.

Maximized ROI on solar panel installation

Energy management features exclusive to Quasar 2.

Quasar 2 enables bidirectionality and with bidirectionality comes even more possibility. Explore the next-level of energy management with features like Vehicle-to-Home, Vehicle-to-Grid and Peak Support.


Power your home with the energy stored in your EV. Whether you're storing energy from your solar panels or the grid, you'll save big during peak hours.

Replace the need for expensive battery storage
Avoid peak energy costs
Coming soon


Send energy back to the grid during peak hours to earn incentives from your utility and support widespread EV adoption by helping to stabalize the grid.

Coming soon

Peak Support

If Quasar 2 detects that your home is using more power than contracted, it will start pulling energy from your EV to top up your allotment. Avoid surprise bills or outages during peak consumption.

Ready to get started? All you need is a our power meter, the myWallbox app, and of course, a Wallbox charger.

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