Public Charging

Wallbox offers a complete portfolio of DC fast charging solutions designed to fit in virtually any location. From hospitality and retail parking lots, to city streets and highway charging stations, Wallbox has the ideal charging solution for every need.

Ranging in power from 60 to 400 kW, our fast charging solutions reflect the next generation of public chargers, created to satisfy the needs of both EV drivers and charge point operators.



Supernova is the next generation fast-charger that offers reliable and efficient operation at up to half the investment than similar chargers. Its light and modular design offers unprecedented flexibility, easier transportation, effortless installation and simpler access for maintenance. Furthermore, Wallbox offers a full range of solutions throughout the entire product lifecycle, which can be tailored to each customer’s needs.

Capable of charging at up to 150 kW, Supernova can add up to 130 miles of range in 15 minutes – enough time for drivers to enjoy a refreshment, run a quick errand, or shop for groceries. It’s size, power, and flexibility make it ideal for public charging in urban or intercity locations, as well as semi-public parking lots (including supermarkets, shopping malls or restaurants).


Scalability and Versatility

Hypernova’s centralized system allows multiple configurations, upgradable over time, by adding power modules or user units. This allows charge point operators to apply or defer investments to match current and future demand. Hypernova adapts to different kinds of installations thanks to the user units’ small footprint and capability to charge two EVs simultaneously.



Designed to optimize space and provide easy access for drivers in any type of location. Hypernova’s elegant design fits seamlessly into public locations and conveys cutting-edge technology that attracts drivers to charge. Its cable management system, user interface, and lighting systems are thoughtfully designed to optimize the user experience and ensure ADA compliance.



Wallbox has developed Hypernova to maximize uptime, enabling increased revenue potential and reduced maintenance costs. Internal components are arranged in modules which can be serviced independently, or easily replaced, to reduce field service time. Serviceability is further enhanced by access to real-time data, autodiagnostic systems, and remote troubleshooting. 



Hypernova’s design reduces costs associated with transport, installation, operation and maintenance to minimize Total Cost of Ownership. With available power up to 400 kW, each dispenser can charge two EVs simultaneously, offering cost-efficient installation per kW and charging spot. Maintenance costs are reduced by Hypernova’s modular design, autodiagnostics systems, and remote monitoring and service.


Hypernova is the high power charging solution at the top of our public charging portfolio. Delivering up to 400 kW of charging power, it is ideal for locations aimed at long distance traveling (including interstate highways), and is capable of adding up to 100 miles of range in 5 minutes*.

Hypernova is designed specifically to be deployed in EV corridors as those defined by the NEVI program. It aims to solve the current deficit in public charging along key U.S. corridors and simplify long distance traveling for EV drivers.

Production and deliveries of Hypernova will begin in 2024.

* Dependent on the technical specifications of each EV and charging conditions.


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