Wallbox EV Charging and Energy Management Solutions for Fleets

The EV revolution isn’t coming--it’s already here.

Now is the time to put your electric fleet charging strategy into motion.

Electric vehicle fleets are here and the market is growing--fast. Getting ahead of the coming wave of fleet electrification is the smartest business move you can make.

Just as every fleet is different, there are different charging solutions available to fit virtually every fleet--from short term rentals and take-home fleets, to long-haul trucking and shipping. While “one size fits all” might work for some fleets, most fleet operators should look to diversify their charging operations to best suit their charging different charging needs.


multi-family home ev chargers

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Whether your’s is a fleet of one or one thousand (or more), Wallbox charging solutions can scale with your business and your fleet. Wallbox offers a range of charging solutions including AC Level 2, and soon ultra-fast DC fast charging. Let Wallbox help match your needs to the right charging solution.

Get in Charge with Wallbox

  • Install more chargers for a lower cost than other solutions
  • Attract more customers and grow your business with EV charging
  • Easy installation and scalable--Compact footprint, power sharing, 25 ft cable reach and more 
  • Offer EV charging as an amenity or enable payment options for pay-per-use

Charge up your fleet--and your business--with Wallbox

Wallbox offers a variety of EV charging and energy management solutions customizable to fit virtually any and every fleet. Whatever type of electrified fleet you have, Wallbox has the right charging solutions for your business.

Wallbox offers fleet operators more than just cutting-edge EV charging technology: We’re also leading the way in advanced energy management solutions, including integrated solar charging, bidirectional charging, and more. Wallbox offers fleet operators more ways to use, manage, and save energy, ultimately saving you both time and money.

Go Electric with Wallbox

Wallbox isn’t brand new to the EV game. We’ve been innovating EV charging and energy management solutions since 2015 and we’ve partnered with some of the biggest names in transportation and energy management.


easy ev charging in multi-unit developments
easy ev charging in multi-unit developments

Contact Us to Learn More

Whether you’re just starting to learn about EV charging or whether you’re ready now to install, let Wallbox help you understand how to build the right EV charging program for your fleet. Our experts will work with you to find the best charging and service solutions and help get you charging fast.

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Why go electric?

Virtually every global automaker has announced plans to fully or partially electrify their model lineups within the next decade. In addition, many national, state, and local governments have announced plans to phase out the sale of new internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles within the next decade. Even without government action, more consumers are already beginning to make the switch to EVs. There’s no more debate: EVs are here to stay and the market is only getting bigger.

Unlike their gas-powered counterparts, EVs can charge anywhere you can install charging equipment. This means what used to be just a parking lot or garage can now be a charging station capable of keeping your fleets charged and ready to go.


easy ev charging in multi-unit developments

Match Your Fleet to the Right Charging Solution

Electric fleets come in different shapes and sizes, so choose the charging platform that can adapt to your fleet no matter what kinds of electric vehicles you have. There’s a Wallbox charging solution for virtually every kind of fleet.


Leverage EV charging to “charge-up” your business

Wallbox chargers do more than charge your electric fleet. With our energy management solutions, you can leverage your charging infrastructure and your electrified fleet to manage your overall electric use, optimizing your charging while saving you money.


Affordable solutions for take-home fleets

For employees who take home their fleet vehicle, Wallbox offers powerful and affordable home EV charging solutions to make it easy to charge fleet vehicles whether at work or at home.

Benefits for Fleet Businesses

  • From one to one thousand (or more), Wallbox charging solutions easily scale to match any fleet size
  • Easily manage your fleet charging with the myWallbox platform
  • Incentive programs available to offset the costs of investment

Benefits of Partnering with Wallbox

  • Award-winning, cutting-edge technology
  • More than just EV charging--Energy Management Solutions
  • Best-in-class customer service

Contact a Wallbox Sales Representative today to learn more Wallbox Business Solutions for fleets.