The first bidirectional charger for home use

The charging revolution that allows energy to flow two ways. Quasar is the first charger for your home using advanced bidirectional charging technology. It charges and discharges through a CHAdeMO vehicle connector and is available with a maximum power of 7.4 kW.

Revolutionary technology

From turning your EV into a power source to making extra income by selling energy back to the grid - two-way charging offers you multiple benefits.


Access your way

Quasar features optional advanced facial recognition and gesture control technology, offering you the security and flexibility to assign accounts to friends and neighbors. In addition to facial recognition, you can unlock Quasar using Bluetooth proximity, the Wallbox app, and RFID.

Lightest and smallest design

Quasar is different from any charger you have ever seen before. It’s the lightest and smallest charger of its kind, offering advanced bidirectional charging technology, specially designed for home use.


The charging revolution that allows bidirectional charging. Quasar features facial recognition and gesture control technology. It comes with an integrated cable and allows for a charging output of up to 7.4 kW.

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Power Boost

Measures how much electricity you use and gives the rest to your car. Turning the lights off in one room? Power Boost automatically adjusts the power and provides you with the best possible charging experience.

Mobile Connectivity

Allows your Wallbox to communicate with its MyWalbox charging management platform using 3G or 4G networks. For updated and synchronized data in real-time.

WB Warranty

Extends your warranty for up to three years. So you can enjoy your Wallbox to the fullest and don’t have to worry about a thing.

Technical aspects

CHAdeMO or CCS Type 1
Dimensions (without cable):
13.8x13.8x5.9" (350.5x350.5x150mm)
48.5lbs (22kg)
Cable length:
25ft (7.6m)

Maximum Power:
7,4 kW
Maximum AC current:
from 6 A to 32 A

Charger Status:
User Interface:
Wallbox App / Gesture Recognition (optional)
User Identification:
Wallbox App / RFID / Face Recognition (optional)

Wi-Fi / Ethernet / Bluetooth 3G/4G Connection
The final product's specifications may differ from those appearing here.


Real-time charging control
Manage multiple users and chargers
Review charging data anytime