Business EV Charging

The future is here and it's electric. Get your business ready with electric vehicle charging from Wallbox. Build your network, take control of your energy and put the EV revolution to work for you.

Why implement charging at your business?

Save and earn

Save on energy costs when electrifying your fleet or open new revenue streams by offering EV charging on site.

Prepare for the future

Make your business futureproof with compliant solutions that scale with your needs.

Attract customers

Make your retail, hospitality or parking location a preferred location for EV drivers looking to charge.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Meet your sustainability goals with real-time optimizaton and without costly upgrades.

Products and Services

Build your end-to-end solution, from project planning support to operation and maintenance.

Energy Management
Transform your network with dynamic power sharing for simple and complex installations, solar energy compatibility, and much more.
Remote Management Platforms
Easily manage users, execute updates, and enable payments for your Wallbox chargers or OCPP-enabled network. Get the platform that matches your needs.
Our certified installers can help at every step of the journey, from project definition to execution—all backed by our expert customer service team.
Complete your solution with pedestals, cables, and more. Wallbox is the one-stop-shop for everything your business needs.
Energy Management

Your charging system is now an energy management solution.

Unlock the full potential of your network with our an advanced selection of power sharing and control capabilities.

Dynamic Load Management

Dynamic Load Management

Monitor your building's available power and automatically distribute it between all connected vehicles. Upgrade to Sirius Energy Intelligence anytime.
  • Up to 100 chargers
  • No peak overload
  • No expensive upgrades

Sirius Energy Intelligence

Sirius Energy Intelligence

Enjoy more flexibility and scalability with options to combine different charger types, ultimately reducing capital and operational expenses. Automatically balance the energy between chargers and building consumption.Requires a Sirius Controller
  • Combine AC and/or DC chargers
  • Avoid grid overload and costly power upgrades
  • Works on separate circuits and local networks

Remote management with our Business Platforms.

ALT for myWallbox Business Portal

myWallbox Business Portal

Use our propietary platform to easily manage users, execute updates, and enable payments for a Wallbox charging network. Platform included at no additional cost with our chargers.

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EVectrum by Electromaps

Connect new chargers with your existing network, and publish them to our public charging map to attract visitors. It's your full OCPP-enabled network managed from one easy platform.

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Complete your solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Where can I install Wallbox business chargers?

No matter how your facility is configured, we offer an ideal solution for your business needs. Our chargers can be easily installed on various surfaces such as walls, pedestals, and ceilings, providing versatile options to suit your specific requirements.

How can we lower energy costs for charging at commercial buildings?

myWallbox platform provides your organization with the necessary tools to manage multiple chargers efficiently and monitor the energy consumption of their EV charging infrastructure. Furthermore, our experts will perform an on-site energy assessment to provide you with the right load balancing solution to minimize infrastructure costs and maximize charging points.
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Can Wallbox support different industries?

Absolutely! Wallbox offers versatile solutions that can cater to a wide range of industry requirements. Whether you're managing commercial buildings, condominiums, real estate properties, workspaces, fleets, retail establishments or parking facilities, Wallbox has the expertise to deliver tailored solutions to suit your specific needs.
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No matter the industry, Wallbox can make charging work for you.

Condominiums and Multi-Unit Dwellings

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Retail & Hospitality

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Parking Lots

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Interested in charging for public spaces? Explore our other solutions.

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