Wallbox to showcase Hardware and Software solutions driving the transition to Electric Vehicles and a more Sustainable uses of Energy

Wallbox to showcase Hardware and Software solutions driving the transition to Electric Vehicles and a more Sustainable uses of Energy

Wallbox will showcase Sirius, it’s energy management system

The company will showcase it’s DC fast charger Supernova for the first time in Norway

Barcelona,  June 10, 2022 – Wallbox N.V., (NYSE:WBX) a leading provider of electric vehicle (EV) charging and energy management solutions worldwide, today announced that it would be showcasing its hardware and software solutions at the annual Electric Vehicle Symposium from June 11 - 15 in Oslo, Norway. 

The announcement comes just months after the company announced its ambitious goal to achieve NetZero emissions by 2030. Visitors will be able to discover Wallbox’s latest charging and energy management solutions for the home, business and public segments and how the company combines innovation with outstanding design to drive the transition to EVs and more sustainable energy use. 

As part of the event Wallbox will be showcasing Sirius, the company's pioneering energy management solution that seamlessly integrates the electric grid with a company’s renewable energy sources, on-site batteries and other sources, while balancing them in real-time to optimise a building’s energy consumption. In the past year, Sirius in combination with our PV solar energy enabled Wallbox to reduce GHG emissions in its HQ by 17.9k tons in 2021. The software has also reduced Wallbox’s grid power dependency by 50% and ensured that 100% of solar energy produced by the installed solar panels was consumed. 

“Reducing emissions from the transportation sector is essential in curbing climate change. As a company we are not only committed to reaching NetZero ourselves, but innovating to create solutions like Sirius that can accelerate the transition for other businesses,” said Enric Asunción, CEO and co-founder of Wallbox.  

The company will also be showcasing Supernova, the first public charger developed by the company which has been awarded two prestigious design awards, the IF Design award and a Good Design Award. This is the first time Supernova has been on display in Norway. The company’s first DC public charger was designed to offer charge point operators unprecedented levels of operational stability. This device uses a modular system to provide maximum power while improving uptime.  This modular and lightweight design also ensures it is easy and cost-efficient to transport and install. 

Supernova has a charging speed of 60kW. In terms of performance, it can provide 100km of range for an electric vehicle in less than 15 minutes, making it the ideal charging solution for both public and semi-public locations (for instance, in a restaurant). It is the first public charger to be launched by Wallbox and completes a portfolio that already includes home and semi-public charging solutions.

Where: Nova Spektrum, Oslo, Norway

Booth: D06 - 18

When: June 11 - 15, 2022

Home charging solutions

Pulsar Plus - Wallbox’s best-selling home charger worldwide is compatible with all EVs, including Teslas. Features include flexible amperage setting, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, charge scheduling, power sharing, and the myWallbox app. 

Eco-Smart - Eco-Smart Solar EV Charging is an Energy Management System (EMS) that makes your Wallbox charger a key part of any sustainable home energy system. Use the green energy generated from your solar panels (PV) or wind turbines at home to charge your electric vehicle in an efficient and sustainable way. With two modes to choose from, you decide when to go fully green or charge with a mix of green and grid energy. 

Quasar -  The first bidirectional charger for home use allows you to charge and discharge your electric vehicle so you can use your car battery to power a home or building or sell energy back to the grid. With Quasar, your EV energy goes beyond driving. Quasar is currently available in select European and APAC markets.

Business solutions

Copper SB  -  is designed to provide versatility, reliability and elegance for businesses looking to electrify their commercial parking. The Copper SB includes an integrated socket, enabling EV charging for any electric vehicle on the market. Companies can choose who accesses the charger through the RFID card reader and easily connect to the charger with the myWallbox app.

Commander 2 - Commander 2 is Wallbox’s most user-centric 22kW EV charger. Having already been available in the EMEA and APAC markets, Commander 2’s user-centric touchscreen has been embraced by businesses. Wallbox has recently expanded Commander 2’s offering to provide out-of-the-box 4G connectivity to ease installation and guarantee the highest up-time, as well as offering users a myWallbox Business subscription to more efficiently manage multiple chargers.