EV Charging for Condominiums and Multi-Unit Dwellings

Elevate your property value, benefit from EV charging subsidy plans, and stay ahead of legislation by providing a charging point in your building.

Charging solutions for shared living spaces

Having a charger at home is crucial for many EV drivers in search of a new residence. Whether in condominiums or real estate ventures, integrating EV charging solutions will set your property apart.


Provide your tenants with a top-tier shared charging experience. With user permissions and automated billing, offering a charging point without a huge retrofit becomes something easy.

Real Estate

Whether you're planning for individual tenant chargers or equipping administrators with charging service tools, we cater to every need and scenario.

Everything you need to electrify your property

Energy Management
Optimize your investment by crafting a charging service that aligns with your building’s needs. From single chargers to multi-level parking solutions, we've got you covered.
Offer a diverse range of chargers designed to exceed your residents’ expectations and fit within your condominium setting.
Benefit from our network of certified installers dedicated to guiding you from initial project planning to execution. All complemented by our expert customer support team.
Customize your charging solution with our range of cable management accessories and pedestals for free-standing installations.

Your Recommended Platform

myWallbox Business Portal

A turnkey solution, included with every Wallbox.

Intuitive network management

Quickly set up and oversee multiple chargers, locations, and users.

Automated payments

Profit from charging or distribute costs among individual users effortlessly.

Real-time insights

Access up-to-the-minute statuses and statistics.

Your Recommended Charger

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