EV Charging for Retail & Hospitality

Attract and retain customers by offering charging services, and boost revenue while meeting sustainability goals.

Tailored charging solutions for every sector

Over half of EV drivers prefer destinations with charging facilities, making your business a notable stop. Moreover, many governments offer subsidy plans to encourage compliance with local regulations, further amplifying the benefits.

Hotels & Restaurants

Set your establishment apart. Hotels can become a favored choice with charger-equipped accommodations, while restaurants can attract EV drivers planning meal breaks around charging spots.

Malls & Markets

Incentivize your customers to stay longer at your premises with a user-friendly charging experience that's also easy for you to manage.


Generate extra revenue by providing charging services to taxis and travelers without high investments in electrical retrofitting.

Car Dealership

Promote your dealership and your EV offering by catching the eye of intenders with a charging service.

Everything you need to electrify your business

Energy Management
Minimize CAPEX and OPEX by designing your charging network with our energy management solutions, going from simple networks to complex hubs.
Choose among our AC and DC fast chargers, designed to meet your customer charging expectations.
For your peace of mind and optimal performance, we provide dedicated Service Care Programs.
Customize your charging solution with our range of cable management accessories and pedestals for free-standing installations.

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The all-in-one solution for intuitive charging management

Monetize your charging network

Create customized tariffs and leave the billing to us. We ensure direct user billing and consistent monthly revenue transfers to your bank.

Manage charging with ease

Set up chargers and user permissions fast and intuitively.

Ensure maximum uptime

Maximize your charge points’ uptime thanks to real-time monitoring and remote diagnostics.

Expand your network effortlessly

Connect chargers from any brand to our platform using OCPP, making scalability a breeze.

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