Why Wallbox?

Wallbox is a global company, dedicated to changing the way the world uses energy. We create smart charging systems that combine cutting-edge technology with outstanding design, managing the communication between car and charger via easy-to-use Apps.


We offer exceptional chargers that are so easy to use you don’t even have to read the user manual.


Charging with Wallbox is much faster than with a conventional plug.


Our team of expert technicians makes sure you get the service you need.


Compatible with all domestic installations as well as plug-in electric and hybrids.


Communicate with your car as you do with your friends. Decide how fast and when you want to charge. A text message will also be sent when your vehicle is fully charged.

About to buy an electric car?

Learn everything about our smart chargers

Are you eligible for the OZEV EVHS grant?

The OZEV grant offers up to £350 off the cost of purchasing & installing a home charging point from 1st April 2020. If you qualify for the grant, a Wallbox Installation partner will take care of the claim on your behalf. Click here for more information.

Eligibilty Checklist:

  • You must have purchased an OZEV-eligible electric car or plug-in hybrid vehicle from 1st October 2016 onwards.
  • You must have private, off-street parking where a charging cable will not cross a pedestrian pavement.
  • The charger must be OZEV-approved. All our chargers are approved, but you can check the full list of OZEV-eligible chargers here.
  • The date of installation should not be more than four months prior to the date of delivery of the electric vehicle or the date you become the registered driver of the vehicle.
  • You need to use an OZEV-approved installer