What is Wallbox?

The Wallbox charging solution is a state-of-the-art system that includes:

An intelligent charger

We have three innovative models: Copper, Commander and Pulsar.

Charging management

The myWallbox platform and app provides full details of your charging activity.

Certified technicians at your disposal

Our technicians are always ready to assist in any concerns you may have.

Minimal recharge time

Recharging with Wallbox is much faster than with a conventional plug.


Compatible with all domestic installations as well as all plug-in electric and hybrids.


Our charging solutions come with myWallbox management, accessed by WiFi, Ethernet or Bluetooth.

Download the free app on iOS and Android.

Access the myWallbox online platform from any device.

Discover myWallbox

Wallbox charging solutions are compatible with all brands of plug-in electric cars.