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What you need in a public charging partner


3.9 million public chargers will be needed to service Europe's EVs by 2030.


Public networks are expected to leverage 68% AC and 32% DC charging.


50% of en-route charging will take place between 12:00 and 18:00, requiring smart energy management features to reduce peaks.

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Energy Management
Minimize CAPEX and OPEX with our software.
Remote Management Platforms
Monitor and monetize in real-time with Wallbox and OCPP networks.
Services and Support
Customizable services from setup to maintenance.
Why Wallbox?

Join the new era of public EV charging.


Fast installation and low maintenance for easy business growth.


Integrated development, top-tier monitoring, and Wallbox Care plan for minimal downtime.


Sleek design chargers and varied payment choices for an enhanced EV driver experience.


Optimized energy use and simplified installations to boost your ROI.

Energy Management for Public Charging

Energy Management

Sirius Energy Intelligence (SEI)

Designed for more complex systems, SEI reduces energy costs by ensuring that your site is using all of its available power efficiently.

SEI allows for dynamic load balancing across DC chargers, DC and AC chargers combinations, or multiple power circuits.

It's future-ready for seamless integration with solar PV systems, batteries, and fleets of bidirectional EVs.

Praise from Our Partners

We're proud to support partners accelerating the shift to electric mobility.


Lewis Gardiner, Head of Operations

“Wallbox’s Supernova rapid charger meets our needs for power availability, ease of installation and maintenance, while offering the seamless experience we expect as standard for our customers.”

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Stefano Terranova, CEO

“When selecting our hardware, we give the utmost importance to the level of reliability and quality of service in order to guarantee the user a simple and uncompromising experience in terms of performance."

Remote Management with our Business Platforms



Connect new chargers with your existing network and make them available to millions of EV drivers, across dozens of platforms and apps. This, and even more, is possible with a full OCPP-enabled network.

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Empower your customer service team with enhanced capabilities that elevate performance and reduce OPEX. Cosmos provides real-time data, stored during the charger's lifetime. Experience quality insights that go beyond OCPP capabilities.

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Make your charger visible to thousands of drivers with Electromaps.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How simple is the installation process for a Wallbox EV charger in my business?

No matter how your facility is configured, we offer an ideal solution for your business needs. Our chargers can be easily installed on various surfaces such as walls, pedestals, and ceilings, providing versatile options to suit your specific requirements.

Does Wallbox offer branding solutions for Supernova?

Yes, we offer customizable vinyl service to improve the customers brand perception with a huge branding surface (2,4m²) helping to distinguish from other fast chargers and attracting drivers.

How can I locate a Supernova charging point?

Supernova chargers can be easily located using the Electromaps app and website. Electromaps app is available for iOS and Android. You can also find Supernova using any other map service that lists charging points.
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