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Maximum reliability meets unbeatable performance. Bring EV drivers to you or electrify your fleet with our fast charging solutions, from 60 kW up to 220 kW.

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Service Stations & Rest Stops
Fleets & Bus Depots
Why Supernova?

Fast charging adapted to your needs



Six independent power modules for easy maintenance and maximum uptime.
  • Insourced R&D, industrialization, and production
  • In-house Cosmos software for real-time data and automated diagnostics, streamlining service and maintenance



Increase ROI with simultaneous charge and easily scale your network.
  • In-house development and semi-automatic production line for fast deployment
  • Easy and effortless transportation and installation
  • High power density

User centric

User centric

Attract drivers with a sleek design and an intuitive charging experience.
  • Interactive light system
  • 10" sunlight-readable color touch display
  • Cable management system
  • Numerous payment options



Takes up less space, with retrofittable features to meet future needs.
  • One of the smallest footprint in the market
  • Over-the-air software updates to automatically install the latest functionalities
Supernova Features
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Charging Power: Up to 220 kW
Dimensions: 2000 x 453 x 868 mm
Connector: CCS2+CCS2
Cable: 5 m
Connectivity: Ethernet, OCPP and 4G with external antenna
Co-Branding: Customizable branding from factory

Energy Management

Integrate and optimize your system with Sirius Energy Intelligence

Enjoy more flexibility and scalability with options to combine different charger types, ultimately, reducing capital and operational expenses.Requires a Sirius ControllerRequires a Sirius Controller


Automatically balance the energy between chargers and building consumption.


Avoid grid overload problems and costly power upgrades.


Works on separate circuits and local networks, and with a combination of AC and DC chargers.

See how Wallbox is accelerating the EV revolution through better public charging for all.

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A charger that stands out. An experience that wows.

Interactive Lighting System

Beacon lights, connector status light and courtesy lights.

Connector type

2x CCS2 to charge 2 cars simultaneously

Easy Payments

Credit card reader and RFID authentication.

Cable Management System

Optional system for neat, easy cable handling.

Intuitive Display

Anti-vandal 10" sunlight readable color touch display.


So easy, you might just get bored.

Supernova is easy to install, manage and maintain, which means less work for you.

Fast module exchange

Six power modules designed for single-person handling and quick exchange, all in less than 5 minutes.

Dual access & durability

Filters accessible from both side doors, corrosion-free metal structure, and IK10 rating.

Easy install & connect

Large doors and forklift grooves for quick installation, plus advanced connectivity options.

Maintenance made simple

In-house Cosmos software for real-time data, automated diagnostics and streamlined service.

Meet the Wallbox Care Program

The Wallbox Care Program offers a range of customizable services to ensure the optimal installation, operation, and maintenance of your Supernova.


Commissioning by certified agents for increased reliability and safety. Preventive and corrective maintenance.


Extended warranty for unexpected repair costs. Spare parts to extend the charger's lifespan.


Training and support materials for sales and partner networks.


Remote support through our customer care service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is Supernova compatible with any EV?

Yes, all electric vehicles with a fast-charging outlet (CCS or CHAdeMO) are compatible. If your EV’s maximum charging capacity is lower than what Supernova offers, it will simply charge at the fastest rate your car can accommodate.

How can I locate a Supernova charging point?

Supernova chargers can be easily located using the Electromaps app and website. The Electromaps app is available for iOS and Android. You can also find Supernova using any other map service that lists charging points.
Learn more about Electromaps

How many power modules does Supernova have?

Supernova is composed of 6 modules that work together to provide maximum power while maintaining their operational independence. Its modular design allows parallel power conversion to ensure the charger continues running even in the unlikely event that a module fails.

Does Wallbox offer branding solutions for Supernova?

Yes, we offer customizable vinyl service to improve the customers brand perception with a huge branding surface (2,4m2) helping to distinguish from other fast chargers and attracting drivers.