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All the personal data collected upon the registration of the User and/or during the use of the Service shall be included in a file owned by WALLBOX, which will be responsible for the file, in order to use them for the management and provision of the Service, as well as for sending any marketing, promotional and/or advertising communications related to its products and/or services. The User expressly accepts the processing of his/her personal data for such purposes. That notwithstanding, he/she may exercise the rights to which he/she is legally entitled, and particularly access, rectification, cancellation and opposition rights (ARCO rights), sending an email to the address, with his/her proper identification and clearly stating the purpose of his/her request. In any case and to the extent the provision of the Service requires the registration of the User and certain of his/her personal data, the request of the cancellation of such data implies the cancellation of the registration and the removal of his/her account from “mywallbox”, and therefore the User shall not be able to use the features requiring prior registration. Nonetheless, the User may keep his/her “mywallbox” active and oppose the use of his/her personal data for sending marketing, promotional and/or advertising communications.

Likewise, the User may, at registration, expressly accept that during the use of the Service personal data arising from such use are collected and processed in order to prepare customized user profiles, both in order to improve the Service efficiency and quality and to analyse and/or predict consumption and mobility habits and preferences. Such information shall be used to offer any kind of products and/or services, either directly or by third parties, and WALLBOX is hereby authorized to assign such data to them. The Users are entitled to revoke such authorization at any time. If a User does not give his/her authorization for the processing of the data arising from the use of the Service for the aforesaid purposes, WALLBOX shall anyway collect such Service use data applying anonymization techniques, so that using such data does not imply personal data processing.

WALLBOX has designated a Data Protection Officer who will be in charge of the supervision and guarantee of the compliance with this privacy policy in any processing of the Service users’ personal data.

WALLBOX may entrust third parties certain tasks required for the provision of the Service which imply personal data processing. Such third parties will act as data processors in behalf of WALLBOX, and to that end they will be authorized to the access and use of such data solely to the extent required for the performance of the relevant task. Particularly, some of the tasks that can be entrusted to third parties are:

a) facial, voice or fingerprint recognition and identification systems, for the Devices that can include such features;

b) cloud data storage by cloud services providers;

c) distribution, installation and maintenance of the Devices in order to offer preventive management services thereof.

The cancellation of a “mywallbox” account shall imply the immediate deletion of the User personal data by WALLBOX, unless the User expressly authorizes their keeping for the purposes of sending marketing, promotional and/or advertising communications.