Why Businesses Should Invest in EV Charging Stations Now



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31 December 2019

5 Main Benefits of Charging Stations

Infographic about the 5 benefits of ev charging stations - wallbox

1. Keep Your Customers and Employees Coming Back for More

Make Your Business The Convenient Choice 


2. Put Your Business on the Map (Literally) and Boost Customer Traffic

hotels with ev charging stations on zap map

Map of hotels with EV charging stations in London on Zapmap

3. Make Savings and Boost Your Energy Resilience

Female manager walking away from a Wallbox EV Charging stations and towards her office

4. Increase Your Revenues

increase revenues with ev charging points

5. Gain Data Insightsomer Traffic

Installing your own charging stations on site will give you access to a high volume of useful data, for example C02 savings, kWh-usage, energy costs and charging point activity. Such data can be used to inform internal reports, tax declarations and logistics and marketing plans to boost accuracy and make implementation processes more effective. Having your own chargers also means that such data does not need to be bought from a third party or filtered by one, meaning that your employees, business owners and fleet managers can have direct access to data insights. They can, therefore, use it in the most agile and flexible ways to gain insights into various aspects of your business.

Conclusion: Future-Proof Now Before It’s Too Late

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