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Monitor the status of your charger and control it remotely from anywhere

Program to charge at cheaper rates

View real-time statistics

Protect your charger by blocking it from unwanted use

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Smartwatch App

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Receive notifications when charging has finished

Control your charger from anywhere

Monitor the charger in real-time


Receive notifications automatically:

"Your car has finished charging."

"Don't forget to plug your car in before the scheduled charge begins."

"There is a charger software update available."


View your charging sessions at any time

Filter by time periods

View your charging data in real-time

Monitor consumption via graphs and charts


Manage all your company's chargers.

Group the chargers by location.

Manage different levels of access for all users.

Monitor  the status of your chargers and their use in real time.

Access advanced reporting tools.


Receive payments  via semi-public charging.

Pay-per-time based on QR codes from the App.

All paid transactions directly to your bank account.

Monitor transactions in real-time.

Monitoring and

Remote Control

View the activity of your chargers in real-time.

Control user access in all locations.

Remotely update your devices.


View all of your chargers activity.

Filter by use, location, charger and time period.

Download your CSV report at any time.

Automatically receive a monthly generated report.

Subscription plans







Charger and User Management
Basic Charger Management including addition, configuration, status and removal only via App
Basic User Management including invitation, permissions and removal
Advanced Charger Management with Locations Configuration and Detailed Monitoring
Advanced User Management with Subgroups Configuration and Detailed Permissions
Business Charger Management with Bulk Remote Update and Restart
Business User Management with Bulk Invitation, Permissions and Removal
Fleet Management with RFID-based Fleet User Management
Energy management
Manage Power Boost and adjust the charging power depending on the household’s consumption and the remaining power available.
Manage Power Sharing and distribute the available power evenly among all chargers.
Manage Dynamic Power Sharing (up to 100A) measures the power available for the charging network at every moment and dynamically distributes it across all chargers
Basic Statistics of energy consumption, charging sessions and costs only via App
Advanced Statistics of energy consumption, costs, active sessions, historical data on real time and generated reports in CSV with filters
Automatic reporting with monthly email including main Insights and generated report in CSV
Payment System completely Automated with QR-based Micropayments
Other benefits
Account Setup including Chargers and Users