Energy Management Solutions from Wallbox

The optional software suite that allows for more sustainable, cost-efficient charging at home

EV charging is just the beginning

Unlock enhanced savings and cleaner energy use at home to upgrade your Pulsar Plus and Copper SB experience. All Wallbox Energy Management Solutions are already embedded in your Wallbox and require only the installation of a power meter to activate.



Solar EV Charging

with Eco-Smart
Greener charges at your fingertips


Dynamic Load Balancing

with Power Boost
Your EV and home, in harmony


And more!

A future-proof solution
Grow your charging infrastructure and access future energy management upgrades.


Keep your home happy with dynamic load balancing

Always charge at the highest speed possible, based on your home’s real-time power demand. When a lot of appliances are turned on, Power Boost slows your charge to stay within your grid’s power capacity. When one or more of those appliances turn off, Power Boost redirects that power to your EV once again. The result is an optimized charge for maximum efficiency and safety.


Limited power capacity? No problem.

Whether you turn on one appliance or ten, charging your EV won’t get in the way. Now, everything works together seamlessly.

Avoid high upfront costs

No need to update your electric panel. Use the energy that you already have available.

No home power outages or surprises

Never exceed your home’s power capacity with safe charging that won’t spike your electricity bill or overwhelm your electrical system.


Go green with solar EV charging

Enable your Wallbox to use the green energy generated from your solar panels (PV) at home to charge your electric vehicle in the most efficient and sustainable way. With two modes to choose from, you decide when to go fully green or charge with a mix of green and grid energy.

Two modes for greater control

Charge with 100% solar energy or a mix of solar and grid energy.

Harness the full power of your PV

Take full advantage of your surplus green energy by directing it to your EV for charging.

More green, more savings

Save even more on your electricity bill by using the free, clean energy that’s already yours.



Charge multiple vehicles at your building without compromise

Dynamic power sharing monitors your building’s available power and distributes it between all connected EVs. No need for expensive infrastructure upgrades or worrying about overloading your electricity supply.


Smart charging for multiple vehicles

Intelligently distribute your available energy to charge up to 25 EVs at once, without worrying about peak overload.

Avoid expensive electrical retrofits

Work with the power and infrastructure you already have. No need for costly upgrades.

Ready for scale

Need to add more chargers in the future? No problem! Dynamic Power Sharing is designed to grow with you.

Three simple steps. One complete solution.

  1. Get your power meter from Wallbox, which will automatically enable all features.
  2. Schedule your installation. The power meter can be included in your Wallbox installation, or added to your existing installation.
  3. Download or update the myWallbox app to start using Wallbox Energy Management Solutions!

Start using Energy Management Solutions from Wallbox today

Everything you need to power your EV and get the most from every charge.


Pulsar Max

Going electric just got easier.


Copper SB

Versatility is beautiful.


Power Meter

One meter, endless possibilities.