Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) charging approved for South Australia

Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) charging approved for South Australia

(Adelaide, Australia, 22 December 2022) Our partner JET Charge is excited to announce that they have worked with South Australia Power Networks (SAPN), Mitsubishi Motors Australia, Nissan, and Wallbox to bring the groundbreaking technology of bi-directional charging to the Australian residential market. After three years of hard work, we are proud to have received approval from SAPN for the Wallbox Quasar V2G EV charger.

At this time, the Wallbox Quasar is exclusively approved for installation in bidirectional mode in the state of South Australia only (outside of approved trials). JET Charge and Wallbox are actively working with the appropriate distribution network service providers and regulatory bodies to obtain approval for installation in other states throughout Australia.

In addition to charging an electric vehicle, V2G technology enables your charger to draw electricity from your EV’s battery to supply your property or export the energy to the grid. Currently, the Nissan LEAF models, and Mitsubishi Outlander and Eclipse Cross plug-in hybrids are the only vehicles capable of V2G in the Australian market.

JET Charge have been at the forefront of the V2G movement in Australia with several research trial projects alongside our partners Nissan and Mitsubishi Motors Australia. With Nissan, and other industry partners, JET Charge has been a key player in the ACT’s large-scale Realising Vehicle to Grid services (REVs) V2G trial to bring this technology closer to public availability. In South Australia, Ballycroft Winery is trialing the running of its entire operations off renewables and V2G with its Nissan LEAF EV.

JET Charge has also been working with Mitsubishi Motors Australia at their Adelaide headquarters to ensure the consumer experience with V2G is optimised, testing Quasar with on-site renewables and with the Mitsubishi Outlander and Eclipse Cross PHEV.

This is a monumental milestone for our industry; V2G technology will transform how we view electric vehicles and holds the key to zero cost mobility. South Australia’s leadership in approving the first V2G charging station in Australia is promising and we look forward to other states and territories following suit.said JET Charge CEO, Tim Washington.

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