Wallbox ensures a secure EV charging experience

Wallbox ensures a secure EV charging experience

At Wallbox we have safety and security at the centre of our product development. Regarding the concerns raised by The Telegraph about our charger, the Copper SB, we would like to reassure our customers of its safety, particularly as it pertains to grid stability in the UK. 

While not outlined in the article, Wallbox made updates to the Copper SB to comply with the UK Smart Charging Points Regulations 2021 Part 1 and Part 2; these updates were implemented to prevent simultaneous charging initiation, to safeguard the grid.

In accordance with the UK Smart Charging Points Regulations 2021 (Schedule 2 - Enforcement), the OPSS has granted temporary waivers to several EV manufacturers, including ourselves. These waivers allow the sale of EV chargers that were manufactured before the introduction of the latest UK regulations but have been assessed and approved for sale based on technical criteria and product updates.

The EV Charging industry, like all growing industries, is constantly improving to adapt products to the latest requirements and the highest standards. This is an ongoing process between key industry players and regulators to ensure customers have access to compliant products of the highest standards.

For more detailed information about the undertaking accepted by the OPSS, we encourage you to visit the official government website at: