Wallbox expands Pulsar family with Pulsar Pro

Wallbox expands Pulsar family with Pulsar Pro

Everything you love from Pulsar, has now been upgraded for shared spaces such as apartments, condos and workspaces 

25th of April 2023; Wallbox, a global leader in charging and energy management solutions for electric vehicles, has expanded its Pulsar family with their latest charger, Pulsar Pro, which has been  specifically designed for shared spaces.  The newest member of the Pulsar family includes features such as 4G connectivity and RFID reader  to fit perfectly  into shared spaces like flats, workplaces and depot charging.



“We wanted to offer customers looking for a solution for shared spaces the same compact design that has made our Pulsar family so popular, while optimizing Pulsar Pro especially for shared spaces to provide independent communications via the 4G connectivity and the ability to add tariffs or limit access if needed for B2B installations,” said Alan McCleave, Director of UK and Ireland.


Designed for improved installation and service 

Pulsar Pro has been designed to reduce costs for charge point operators and installers. Through a more intuitive installation  and set-up process, including a backplate design to make installation quick and easy and the preconfigured 4G that enables faster commissioning.  Pulsar Pro will also support power balancing between up to 100 chargers for improved grid management, and this will translate into more energy efficiency and lower costs.


Knowing that onsite visits can add to the lifetime cost of chargers, particularly in shared spaces, Pulsar Pro has a number of new security features to prevent unauthorized access, physical damage and cyber security attacks. Also, 4G connectivity enables over the air software updates which translates into lower on-site visits.


Knowing that physical damage is a pain point for EV charging in semi-public spaces, Pulsar Pro has a robust design, with a IK10/IP55 Protection to protect against impacts and water or dust, and an easily replaceable charging cable in case of damage. 

Simplified payments


Pulsar Pro is designed to offer a simple and accurate payment experience for users. Pulsar Pro comes with an Internal meter with less than 2% error that improves accuracy of energy transfers. The inclusion of 4G also ensures improved  up time, both for users and operators. 


Pulsar Pro will be available in Europe and in all markets that follow the IEC standards, including Spain, Netherlands, Italy, UK, Germany, Belgium, France, Sweden.


Sophisticated Business Software


myWallbox Business software is included, allowing administrators to group chargers by location, as well as managing themsecurely. In addition, users can be organized into groups and assigned chargers or locations with ease, thanks to a flexible user definition system, all monitored through a charging reporting system.


Several payment solutions are available, such as the monthly one that is most functional to tenants or employees accessible via app, RFID, or pay as you go, which works when you want it to be available to the general public and accessible via QR code from the myWallbox app.



  • Pulsar Pro also comes standard with Wallbox's energy management software myWallbox business and OCPP compatibility. 
  • Up to 22kW of power (Adjustable from 6A to 32A) for 3 phase connections or 7.4 kW for single phase connections
  • 198mm x 201mm x 99mm & 1.3 kg (without cable)
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Enabled
  • Compatible with all Wallbox Energy Management Solutions
  • Internal Meter with less than 2% error 
  • 4G included
  • RFID card reader
  • Easy-to-Install Backplate
  • Enhanced security
  • Matte Finish, black or gray
  • IP55/IK10 for indoor and outdoor installation
  • 5m Type 2 cable (7m optional)
  • Integrated PEN fault protection
  • Enhanced Power Sharing (up to 100 chargers)
  • 3P Eco-Smart meaning It can use solar energy to charge an EV

About Wallbox

Wallbox is a global technology company, dedicated to changing the way the world uses energy. Wallbox creates advanced electric vehicle charging and energy management systems that redefine users' relationship to the grid. Wallbox goes beyond electric vehicle charging to give users the power to control their consumption, save money, and live more sustainably. Wallbox offers a complete portfolio of charging and energy management solutions for residential, semi-public and public use in more than 113 countries around the world. Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Barcelona, the company now employs more than 1,250 people in its offices in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. For additional information, please visit www.wallbox.com.



Elyce Behrsin, Head of Global Public Relations, [email protected]